Out in the Garden

July 29th, 2013 by Winder Hall | No Comments

I’ve finally managed to get out in the Garden.  After a long harsh winter, we have now had a couple of months of amazing weather and the garden went wild!
The team inside the house are doing such a good job that they have literally put me on ‘gardening leave’ (at least some of the time) and it has given me chance to cut-back some of the shrubs and rediscover parts of the garden that had become temporarily lost.
At the front-entrance of the drive, the ivy-covered totem pole has had a trim and can now be seen peeking through.  Near the Summer House, the old gravestone has re-emerged.  I am pretty rubbish on flora and fauna but I have had lots of advice from helpful guests and members of the Winder Hall team.  Whilst ever it stays sunny, I’m going to be out in the garden, so don’t hesitate to come looking for the scruffy middle-aged hotelier to be found somewhere in the Winder Hall gardens.  And don’t hesitate to tell me what I should be doing next!

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