Lounge & Bar

Relaxing Lounge at our historic country house B&B

Winder Hall Lounge

Our lounge is equipped with a fine oak-panelled bar. To compliment this, we have a fine stock of wines, spirits & mixers so you can choose your favourite tipple at your leisure. We can serve you your pre-dinner aperitif, your well deserved G&T when you return from the fells and of course a fine Cognac, malt whisky or liquor to accompany your coffee at the end of the day.

The lounge is yours to relax in throughout your stay. There are books, jigsaws and large leather sofas which are just ready for you to relax in!

A few things to say about our wine-list; we make two promises:

Firstly, every single bottle of wine carries the same mark-up. It doesn’t cost us any more to order, cellar, look-after and cork an everyday wine or a grand cru classe. What this means is the most expensive bottle on the list is actually the best value and probably only half what you would pay for it elsewhere. Pay a little bit more and see if you can taste the difference. We think you will.

Our second promise. If you don’t like the wine, send it back. Ask for another bottle. You won’t see it appear on your bill because we don’t want your meal to be spoilt by a bottle of wine you don’t like.